Egypt allows advertising for OTC medicines
Δευτέρα 20 Απρ 2015
Egypt's minister of health has published new guidelines allowing OTC medicines to be advertised to consumers.

he World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI) said the move followed a five-year work programme involving various stakeholders such as the Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs, the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industries, the Pharmacists and Physicians Syndicates, the National Health Institute, and the WSMI’s member association in the Middle East, MESMI.

"An important step was to agree a clear definition of OTCs," commented the WSMI, adding that this "led to the publication of a list of OTC molecules towards the end of 2014 and finally to the new guidelines for the communication of OTC products".

In the past, manufacturers have targeted consumers in Egypt in a number of ways including television commercials on channels based outside Egypt.

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