J&J unveils trio of innovation collaborations
Πέμπτη 14 Ιαν 2016
Johnson & Johnson has unveiled three research collaborations that could see its Consumer division come up with innovative approaches to skin health, hair regrowth and oral care.

The company said a partnership with US-based ProdermIQ would utilise the microbiome and population data to produce "novel intervention strategies for maintaining healthy skin or treating skin conditions".

The partnership would explore the potential of ProdermIQ’s SKINdex Skin Health Measurement platform, explained Johnson & Johnson, noting that this analytical tool provided a precise evaluation of skin microbial communities.

Working with the University of Pennsylvania

A second research collaboration in the US with the University of Pennsylvania, added Johnson & Johnson, would develop "improved preclinical models for the study of human hair growth and androgenetic alopecia".

Meanwhile, a third collaboration with BioMed X, which is an innovation incubation company based on the campus of the University of Heidelberg in Germany, would involve research into oral health.

Gingivitis, caries and halitosis

Johnson & Johnson said the research collaboration would focus on disrupting biofilms or plaque, which resulted in a number of oral conditions, including gingivitis, caries and halitosis.

BioMed X said scientists from leading academic institutions worldwide had been invited to submit original project proposals to develop "novel approaches to remove saliva-derived, mixed-species, and potentially-pathogenic bacterial biofilms from oral surfaces to reduce the incidence of gum disease or caries".

The best ideas and life-science talents, added BioMed X, would be jointly selected to form a new research group within its open innovation laboratory.

BioMed X said it would be responsible for housing the new research group, the operation of the innovation centre facility, and enabling access to the Heidelberg scientific community and research facilities.

Christian Tidona, founder and managing director of BioMed X, said the collaboration extended the company's portfolio of research projects into the field of consumer healthcare.

In addition to the three Consumer initiatives, Johnson & Johnson announced 19 collaborations involving its Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals divisions. 

Paul Stoffels, Johnson & Johnson's chief scientific officer and worldwide chairman, Pharmaceuticals, said the company was continuously refining its external and internal innovation model across all three sectors. "Our goal is to continuously work to be the most innovative company in the world on behalf of our patients and consumers through both our internal research and development programmes and our external collaborations," added Stoffels.

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